My husband and I grew up in families that had, for generations, loved and raised dogs. Depending on the breed, and originally there were a variety of them, they were shown in the ring or trained hunters. But, no matter what their orientation, they were, first and foremost, our beloved family companions!

Our love for mastiffs began in 1993 when Henry, beautiful fawn boy, came into our lives We were showing our ponies at a horse show when we saw him, and it was love at first sight. Henry and Doug joined King Tut, our yellow lab, Louise, our fawn pug, Glen Levit, a border collie, Harvey our Maine Coon cat, a pair of love birds, and an assortment of caged rodents, currently adored by our four children.

After Henry passed on we realized what an integral part he had played in our family, and we realized that only another mastiff could fill his place. Earlier, my Mother bought a mastiff after she saw what great house pets they made. She was moving to a condo in Florida, with a restriction on pet size (maximum 20 pounds), and so her Cleo joined our family. Cleo’s antics entertained our family for six more years. She was the master of verbal communication, “telling” us by her throat sounds everything she wanted and when and how she wanted it! As Cleo entered her senior years. we realized we needed another mastiff puppy so that we would never be without a mastiff. Cleo died peacefully in her sleep at the ripe age of ten.


2014 update