Candid Moments

We have countless adorable snapshots from our own loyal companions and their delightful puppies, with more every day. We’ve captured a few of our favorite moments in a collection of mastiff photos that provides wonderful insight into the Mastiff’s distinctive personality, our home and heart-stealing puppies.

Mastiffs love to cuddle. From puppyhood to adulthood, Mastiffs will snuggle all together in their beds, lean on each other as they sleep and lay down next to you on the sofa. They are exceptionally gentle dogs and socialize well with large families of all kinds, both people and other animals. Our Mastiff puppies and adults love to play with kids and all our other animals, from Golden Retrievers to Pugs, even cats and pigs.

We are a champion Mastiff breeder in Ohio specializing in handsome dogs with loving personalities. Each one of our pups becomes are part of their new family and we would love for you to have your own candid moments. Contact us to learn more about our puppies, dams or sires.